Monday, June 29, 2009

Can't wait!!!!!!

July lookin like a big month!!!! Lot of concerts, just junk in general, junk goin down!!!! The 4th also gonna be big too. Just gonns be chillin with the wifey. Got to love that time with her. But anyway, been doin a lot of shoppin, a lot of stuntin,but in the midst of all just bein thankful, taking life one day at a time. Definetly been workin to get back on my grind with the bars. big demand for me to come back to the open mic circuit. I chilled out for a min to get things together. The community been lovin the spit gamee. really many who know me are just elated to see me on tv. Also been doin speakin engagements. I wouldn't call it praching(only cause i'm not a licenced pracher but trust i've been told I might as well call it that LOL!!! I really like speaking because I get to motivate people and show them how great jesus christ is. man its tough out here trying to survive, so niggaz got to be prayed up. I know, not christianly correct when using it in christian dialoug, but I have to say it like that. But yeah i'm on the grind.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

You better preach babe lol but you tellin the truth babe with everything you just said And i love the time i spend with you