Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Well tonight dinner was kind of wack!!! Service sucked at Applepiss!!! so we decided to do some browsing after wards to make up for the sex meal. My pookie and I had fun acting a fool. As you can see pookie pulled out some more ill junk on you bird brain chicks!!! Yall not ready. Walked into one store(name will not be diclosed to protect the sex) and what did I see???!!! Dead Party money clips!!! but it got worst, I saw dead party dog tags!!! that junk went to far!!!! As you can see pookie decided to get her i'm not gonna cry on with the wild female Arab scarf!!!! LOL!! she was buggin. Ain't get any picks of it, but I was actually in a shoe store with a wack men's section. the illest pair in there were the denim robert wayne slip on mocs(how come there is two women, but ain't no two waynes111???). Them joints was kind a ill. Might go back for those!! But all the wack men's shoes forced me to break out into salsa dancing to keep a good frame of mind. pookie thought i had lost it!!! But it was a cool way to spend an evening.

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Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

looks like y'all stay out shoppin'!!!! dayuuuum!