Saturday, December 27, 2008

Stick to what you know!!!

Today while out I did a lil shopping,I came up on these two Enyce Sweaters from four seasons ago(I could tell from the tags). Recently most of the fashion foward community are begining to really look down their noses at many urban apperal brands. in my opinion I can't look down my nose at these brands because brands like Sean John, Enyce, Ecko, Pelle, and kani because those are classic brands that I grew up on. Those brands are still making clothes for the Urban Community that break boundries. They craft items that I can mix into my regular wardrobe and be considered works of art. I go so hard against brands like Ed Hardy and Black Label because they're putting out wild sex items that are trend orientated. They won't be popular by next year. By march something else will take over in their place and they'll be cast into the sea of the forgotten. But it's brands that put out quality items that speak to my style and culture that will be worn upon thy flesh. And these sweaters are no exception. I had to cop these joints.

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