Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Smooth Criminal!!!

A while back I posted a pic of Jada suited up at the Grammys. Problem was the suit didn't suit him!!! He looked as if he was trying way to hard. And that's not Jada. On this round Jada won extra cool points with me on this pic. He straight up went Hood Luxery on everybody!!! I'm not all into colors going well with the skin tone thing(that junk is stupid!!!), but the tan color works well with his complection. The loui cap and scarf are great additions to the look. Which obviously give it that Hood rich, Hood Luxery, Ghetto Chic, Ghetto Fab(whatever it's called these days). Some would say it's an outfit that tries too hard because of too many Louis Vuitton logos. But that's what's so ill about hood luxery. It's meant to be too much. You check out Dapper Dan designs they were meant to be too much. Why because they were selling to the Urban Consomer who never had a peice of Luxery a day in there life. So when they finally get their hands on a statis symbol, they're gonna go all out!!! But anyway, over all i love this fit!!! outside of T's and Jeans Jada does have a good style base. He just doesn't need to jump all the way into bespoke cause it's really not him. But this represents Jada's image way better, n my opinion.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Yes Jada Kiss. I must Say I love This Outfit On Him. I Happen To Love Jada Kiss And mostly I love His Laugh. He Did His thing Wearing This Outfit. I might ASk Him Can i Have That Hat And Scarf lol