Sunday, December 28, 2008

FuZzEd out fit!!!!

I have to give it to Bacardi A.K.A Mr. Dark who crushed this fit. On so so so many levels this brings style back!!! For one Lets start with the detail in the blazer. Love the Lion design on the back. The scarf flows proper and the sweater is also helping matters. But let me get to the feet!!! I go to look down at the feet, and I see the kicks. I almost thought they were Evisu's at first. BUT NO!!!! They're LEVI'S!!! Which made it even better!!!!! Around new haven nobody is rocking Levi kicks!!!! So he smashed the game on em!!!! I give credit where credit is do. You'll have to excuse me, I see style totally differently than the average man would. This is a very innovative look. The blazer and the kicks are what sets this gentleman apart from the masses. A+ on the FuZz game.


Sexy_Virgo87 said...

I Must Say. He Does Look Nice I Am Feeling This Whole Outfit From The Top To The Bottom. I Agree No One Is Rocking Levi Sneakers them Jusnks Is Hot. So I Guess He Gets An A+ From Me Also

CARDI DARK said...

Ayo thanks Mr. Johnson for the artical on my gear..
You got real good insight on fashion, but of course, you already knew that!!lol
but yeah, i read your opinion on Sundays appearance, and i like...
you hit key elements that most fashions exsperts would have over looked.
OH TRUST!!!! theres more wher that came
hit me up, cuz im thinkin of startin my own branch of Fashion myself, and imma need your help..
hit me up....cardi2x