Saturday, December 13, 2008

The celebration of Love

So last night me and Pookie (My lil Dora the explorer LOL!!!)went out to celebrate our two year union. Yes we were FuZzN hard on these suckazzzz!!!!!!You see my Pookie's boots!!!!! Matter of fact mad birds be jackin the coat(I see the copy cats out there)!!!! Oh and that white is real mean on ya'll. They ain't know what to think!!! Anyway my pookie and I took professional pictures to capture the moment. Had fun crackin jokes on one another. Those picks will be forth coming. Over all it was a good night. We was ready to gring in 09!! LOL(inside joke!!!) Who wears Derion Jeans!!!!!???? LOL! Yeah we had a good time!! I love you pookie girl aka the real life Dora the explorer!!!!LOL!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Lol @ Who Wears Derion Jeans And For U Grindin In "09" But We hads A Great Evening Out. Despite The Fact That I Was Tired And Could Have Passed Out Wherever I Sat lol