Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Annivrsary to me and pookie girl Roni!!!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen yes todaY. Yes we made 2 years!!!! People think 2 years is nothing, but we live in a society where relationships don't make it 3 months(my bad for the typo on myspace!!!LOL!). But I'll tell anybody, love is a beautiful thing. Everybody asks me why you gave the game up for one girl. But people don't understand you need a mate you can trust. The game will turn it's back on you. But my pookie is a woman who stands by me through my times of prosperity and times of downfall. Like Eve said, passenger side of the Benlety or the number 2 bus(even though I never road the bus in my life). It really feels great knowing theres that woman who looks pass the exterior of Milt-Fresh and into the soul of Milton. It's not easy dealing with a gentleman like me. For one theres the drama that comes along with being my companion. The hate, the envy, and the dirty looks from my adversaries. But what I love about my Roni Girl is she walks side by side with me, with her head up. With an atitude that says if you got enemies then I got enemies. Many over these pass two years have tried to take her place. However, they lack the character it takes to be Veronica Brown. Most females I know wouldn't be able to handle round the clock hate from the masses. But most of all I got to say we got 2 down and forever to go. Happy Anniversary Pookie Girl!!!!!


Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Awww baby I Love You Sooooo much. Ya Typo On Myspace Was ok lol. But Babe No matter What Just Remeber as long as were together i will always walk beside you with my head held high and proud because no matter what anyone has to say your a sweetheart and your my bookie but babe these past 2yrs i thank god for because i feel that he made me just for you and cant no man take your place. As you said 2yrs down and forever(Eternity) to go. I love you baby and always will.

As for them other broads that wanna fill my heels, They can hang it up cause i dont share shoes lol.♥

Sexy_Virgo87 said...

this blog makes mines look like a midget lol