Friday, December 19, 2008

The thoughts of Milt-Fresh

What's FuZzN ya'll Milt-Fresh Best Dressed talkin to ya'll on the first snow storm of the year in CT!!! Forget the snow though, ya FuZz is chillin. Workin hard. As of recently ya boy is feeling very inspired today!!! With the music and the FuZz lots of ideas flowing!!! The bars is tight!!!!! People still comin up to me about guest starring on the early morning mob!!! Joint made an impact!!! And like I told you, it ain't ova!!!! Other than that, we're inching closer and closer to christmas, my favorite time of year. Yes most def for the gifts(i'm still a kid at heart) but most of all for the time to spend with my fam. I must say i've been diggin some new age gospel recently. For many years I've had old school ears. I'm feelin that "I just want to understand" by my dude Dave Hollister. That song has a lot of real truth to it. I'm also feelin the Deitrick Haddon, Ruben, and mary mary track too!! Deitrick Haddon has an ill style I must say. He had the Sick FuZz Denim suit with White trim on the Lapel and on the sides of the pants, when he was on Bobby Jones Gospel one morning. Yo not for nothin, but Jim Jones is really buggin!!! Man talkin slick about Jay and Kanye in the complex mag!!!! I mean to me Jim Jones is just a straight up bitter person on the inside. He's that person Jay rapped about on Streets is watchin "you sellin records bein you but still you wanna be me". It's really sad people go through life being like that with one another. But yet he'll say Jay and Kanye are having a terrible swagg contest. But look how he's dressing in complex!! He's Rockin looks that Jay would actually wear!!!! How much of a sucka move is that??!!! That's why I dig how Jay doesn't really give him much press in interviews. At the end of the day it really doesn't make sense to. Only suckaz resort to slander and mud slingin!!!!! But the real just let the sex assassinate themselves through Karma. It reminds me of the scene in Coming to America where Lisa is describing Akeem's character. Telling him his attitude is above anything petty, almost regal. Not to know the man is a Prince!!!! People know the real!!!! Well thats enough speakin my mind. Hit ya'll up later! Talk to ya'll later!! FuZz!


Dominica said...

Wow !
The fur scarf is fierce !
Very (and I mean VERY) nice !!
Très chique !
(You want me to continue in French...:-D) ??

Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Prince Akeem Huh? I Love That Movie, I Like This Pic Of You Babe. But I Guess That Snow DAy In Really Inspired You, Glad To See you Spent It Wisely