Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

Merry FuZzN Christmas all!!!! Christmas this year is filled with many mixed emotions. This is the first christmas I've spent without my grandmother. For some reason Thanksgiving wasn't as hard, but my fam and I are making it through!!! Hazel is most definetly missed!!! But any way, heres a look at some of the new joints, ya FuZz scored this christmas. Trust this ain't everything neither!! Man everything is going down in this mix!!! Nothin but shoe game!!!! Got the Brown and Tan Stacy Adams Madison Spats!!! The Newspaper print Zota's are going to hurt a lot of feelings when on the feet!!! Then you got the tangerine Vatelli's that are going to cause a riot like we in watts!!!! LOL!!! I slay me!!! Then we have another classic in the brown leather Wallabee Clarks with the Clarks tab on the side(that they bit from GBX joints from back in the day). Plus a brotha had to get right with the Black and white Godfather. A very very very good look for the christmas season!!! Once again it's on!!!! God Bless ya'll Merry Christmas to all!!! FuZz!

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