Friday, December 19, 2008

Refunds and Exchanges!!!!

Even though Armani made a lot of money through 02, 03, and 04 with there AX/Armani Exchange T's and their denim, but it just feels that club scene had over saturated the brands meaning. This is my opinion but when I see Armani Exchange t's it doesn't excite me like it used to. Mainly because at one point that's all you saw guys wearing to the club. I don't want to get into demographics and Stereotypes but when I hear Armani Exchange I think of Steve Madden and Diesel bowling shoes. Which are brands that don't mean the same since the pinical of their sales. And have also been adorned by the same demographic. Getting back to Ax,even though there has been a calm in their presence on the streets, the brand is still respected. If you haven't noticed watch a lot of DKNY's men's T's and button downs. For the past four years they've been heavily inspired by AX. I can't say they jacked, because they still come out with a lot of revolutionary peices. However if you look at the shapes and logos, you can see a touch of 02 and 03 Armani in play. The Irony is hoping te brand has a chance at a come back to appeal to the market.There are only few brands that are able to have long lasting staying power in fashion. Tommy Hilfiger is still tryna get back on the good foot after the decline in sales after the rascist controversy. Even though his designs are still respected. May I mention say Sergio Valente? Many more brands. I guess they all just hold their place in time.

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