Monday, August 3, 2009


I know I might catch flack for thiz but on the real I don't care. It killz me when theze self rightouz people who feel that when people reach any point of success, they should strive to give back to the community. To me the statement az a whole doezn't really make sense. Further more theze suckerz uze thiz whole giving back concept az a huge guilt trip to thoze who are fortunate. It'z so bad until the public iz so freakin brain washed with thiz distorted idea. People are going overboard. Well befor I go off into a wild tantrum I have to say this. What iz that successful people have taken from their community, to have to give back? Many people love to uze theze sympathy methodz when it comez to the inner city. Every rapper, ball player and black entrepreneur feel becauze they need to donate computerz to inner city schoolz, give money to summer basketball camps, and ect. Now I have no problem with doing so, I have no problem with people donating their time or contribution to society. However, I don't like the guilt trip people place on oneanother. Not for nothin, THE COMMUNITY SHOULD BE GIVING BACK TO ME!!!! The emotional trama that thiz city put me through, the city would be in a billion dollar dept. How do you give back to streets that are full of so much turmoil and hatred. Not for nothin look at what happened to MC Hammer, he freakin took half of Oakland with him, went bankrupted and became a laughing stock. But in the height of hiz success he waz doing hiz best to give back to the community. Employing street thugz and people who never had nothing. People steadly taking and talking about him. It saddenz me to see people who mean well fall from grace while trying to help people rize. It remindz me of a line Jay-z flipped when he waz taklkin bout how the hood treated him. He said "I made em relate to ya struggle, went on MTV with du ragz I made them love you". Itz true, he made every person in America know about Marcy Projectz. But he waz still catchin heat from hiz own neighborhood. Man how many toyz you got to give away on christmas. to show ya love? How many Turkeys you got to give out at the homeless shelter for people to stop the guilt trip. I feel people should give back to the community but they got it all wrong. New computerz ain't gonna help further a kidz education. It'z instillin in them good conduct and moralz that startz from home. The computerz are going to be boken and distroyed in a month or so. But, teaching them valuez iz priceless. Teaching them how to become acheiverz and survive in thiz messed up society will last a lifetime. People throwing dollarz around like money iz the answer. Or even on a local level, talking about donating time to inner city youth. I feel em but donating time iz great, but every F'ed up indiviual don't need to be donating their time if their straight up a bad influence. See nobody wantz to talk about how you really give back, by showing PEOPLE, NOT THE YOUTH. PEOPLE, HOW TO ACT AND CONDUCT THEMSELVEZ!!! People want a quick fix for their problemz in their time of need. ANYBODY CAN WRITE A CHECK AND THROW CASH AROUND!!!! But people sittin right in the community won't even become a better role model for their own children. Cursing in front of their kidz, drinkin, and smokin weed in front of them, but they're the same people hollering what are you doing for the community?? Soon you've just created a new generation of young black children, that can't sit down through a lesson in the class room, while cursing the teacher out!!!! Itz about teachin em don't be a follower, be a leader. Itz me being a becon of light in my neighborhood, showing the people around here that it'z ok to be yourself. Everybody iz so worried about where everybodiez heart iz. Did so and so sell out for the money or did they stay true to the game? Oh So and So moved out the hood, now they ain't checkin for uz no more!!! But instead of beggin with a handout of sympathy yall should be encouragin the prodigy that made it out. If you knew the lumpz and bruizez that the person sufferd while trying to make it out you would be happy with just that enormous feet alone. I mean how do you spend ex amount of dollrz for a park to be built, for it to become the drug and murda spot!! You name streetz and blvd's after Martin Luther king and Malcom X, but so much violence and killing contridictz what their legacy waz suppozed to be about! But I loved the statement ODB gave in an MTV interview back in 98(around the time when praz, mya, and odb had that ghetto superstar record, I remember watching that joint) and the dude asked what waz he doing for the community, he replied "NOTHING"!!! The whole crowd died with laughter. Everybody was so uzed to hearing about thiz charity, that charity. But Old Dirty kept it real!!! They got a stupid answer to a stupid question. People hollerin they doin whatever it iz for the money!! You sure right! I DON'T SEE THEZE SAME PEOPLE OUT HERE WORKING FOR FREE!!!! Nobody iz going to quit their job tommorrow, with kidz to feed and billz to pay and start doing their same job for free!!! SO WHY DO THEY EXPECT SOMEONE ELSE TO DO THE SAME!!!!!???? BUNCH OF SUCKAZ!!!!! I COULD BE WRITIN ABOUT THIZ ALL NIGHT!!!! IF IM MAD ENOUGH I'LL WRITE A PART TWO!!!!!

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