Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The best thingz in life are free!!!

Tonight I decided to hit dinner at Red Lobster again with my pookie. Afeterwardz we decided to roll to Best Buy where we browzed through their itemz. Pookie iz in love with the DS. But the best fun waz me gettin my drum solo on, when playing Guitar Hero!!! Trust I waz gettin it in(even though pookie said a stunk!!! LOL!). Yo for the record, I didn't know Boost Mobile did black berrys LOL!!! I'm a be real Boost stepped they technology game up a lot. They even carry their vesrion of a Motorola RAZR(which pookie thought waz ugly). Here'z the thing, if thiz waz back three yearz ago when Pre-paid phonez were cool, theze would have been must havez. But letz be real, it'z a new world order and a brand new day. I-PHONE IZ THE NEXT STEP IN MY TECHNOLOGICAL STUNT GAME!!! While there I also bought Fab'z new album Loso'z way. I'm a be real, the best thing about the album iz Fab'z word play. He'z alwayz a beast with the vocabulary. But the album itself...Musicly Carter three waz a better body of work. And I'm not a wayne fan!!! But Loso iz still in my top five illest rapperz(the freestyle on hiz intro iz major!!). Anyway, the night waz cool. Good to be out with her.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

The best things in life are free, yes you had a ball Playing them drums. I enjoyed watching the kid in you come out. yea the ds is cool i love video games period to be honest. but babe i'm glad you invited me out.