Saturday, August 22, 2009

Make it all right!!!

Ok people who really know me, know i'm a lover of Music from 2000-2001. Really R&B music. Further more R&B music. A time when R&B artists were more concerned with Singing and vocalz. In recent yearz R&B dudez have to be able to sing and dance. I mean you did have the Sisqo'z and Genuwine'z and groupz like 112. But they had the full package. Great Album, great conceptz for songz, dnce movez, everything. However, I love R&B artistz that had soul in their music. Such az Carl Thomas. To me he haz alwayz haz deliverd a presence to the music world that waz much needed. I hate to use the term Grown and Sexy, but hiz music personified the phrase. Music that touched emotion. Hence forth the name of hiz first album. What really had me in hiz melodic clutchez waz hiz "I Wish I never Met her". That song really hit the emotionz man people get when cheating. The highz, the lowz, the winz, and the hurt of the down fall when cheating. But most of then there waz hiz summer Rain joint that waz so sexy. Definetly felt the light skinned chick in that video lol!!! Hiz album waz great, but really showed hiz versitility waz when he waz featured on other peoplez trackz. He'z sang on trackz with Memphis Bleek, LL cool J, Amil, Diddy of course, faith evens and many otherz. My most memorable two were "I love my life" for Nore'z N.O.R.E album. I can still hear him rift, "I love my life, sold drugz my life, live my whole life, thiz game we play, I live and Pray". I know wild way to describe the drug game, but hiz melodic voice brought smoth Soul to street life. But the best waz the Joint he would come back on Nore and capone'z Reunion album where he coverd Sam Cook'z change gonna come on the intro!!!! Man every hood nigga waz singin that joint, and you know niggaz knew nothin about Sam Cook. Carl Thomas iz a true R&B artist. the sad part iz, like the majority of singerz of that time aren't relivent to today'z era. Itz hard to compete in today'z music world. John Legend iz the last real true male Soul singer that had came out. There are ya ne'yo'z and yeah in the Midst of hiz troublez, Chris Brown'z. But they don't have that power to touch ya heart and get in touch with your emotionz the way Male R&B singerz uzed to do. Or maybe i'm just stuck in the past!!!

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