Tuesday, August 11, 2009

For the Love of the FuZz:The Duke of Windsor

Now itz true when they say no idea iz original therez nothin new under the sun. In termz of style that provez very very true. In thiz segment of For the Love of the FuZz, i'd like to Homage to a figure in men's style that set the pace for the Andre 3000'z, Kanye'z, Fonzworth Bentley'z, and Pharrell'z. Hense forth Met the Duke of Windsor. This gentleman waz the king of the United Kingdom around the 1930'z.What makez him so much of a man of style waz that he waz a daring chap filled with attitude when it came to hiz wardrobe. He set the trendz for the majority of men during the era. It had been documented that the likez of Hollywood Royalty such az Cary Grant(yez Mr. Tall dark and handsom to all the older white women who watch TMC)tried to immulate him, and also hung out with him. He also haz influened what gentlemen today are doing. For men that tie their own tie, can appreciate what haz been dubbed az the windsor knot. All becauze of how thiz man wore hiz. In recent discovery he made it popular for men to wear a midnight blue colored suit. Following that were the encrested Slipperz(shown in the shoe pic above).I'd like to point out that in today'z time you Can see the likez of Fonzworth Bentley wearing them today om red carpetz. But yearz befor thiz gentleman waz seen sporting them. In hiz hay day he waz a man all about tailoring. Having the shoulderz of hiz jacket tailored. Even the right pocket tailored to let hiz cigerette case fit in hiz pantz. He shopped in New york, paris, and Savile Row in London. He had a tailor on Savile Row that waz so fussy, that he turned down Fred Astair(a flim star who definetly iz a style Icon in hiz on right). The reazon? The tailor proclaimed that he didn't create clothez for Riff Raff, only for the top notch heavy hitterz of socirty. He didn't say thoze exact wordz, but you get the point. The Duke wasn't afraid to push style to the limit. Even though in the majority of hiz picz, he lookz rather taimed, hiz closet represented different. All of theze photoz were takin of hiz intese wardrobe befor they were auctioned off. It'z been told that he had a love for bold plaid patternz and pin stripez. He also wazn't afraid of color az well. I mean, check out the wild color plaidz!!!! That'z something a Black Dude would deffinetly rock!!! And being real with you I would wear thoze jointz. He waz so miticulouse with hiz wardrobe, he had two pairz of pantz for many of hiz suitz!!!! He waz a man of estedic, style ideology, and class.

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