Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Taz Arnold Callz out Rick Ross for not paying a $13,000 tab then pulling a bootleg move!!!!!

Now in some casez thiz doezn't come az a shock to me since Rick Ross haz been called out by many people. But in thiz case, i'm not talking about hiz street credability, or if he waz part of Florida'z Boobie Boys drug Gang, or him being a CO. Thiz time itz about hiz style. Befor I go in on thiz, I want everybody to know, I'm not pointing the finger, i'm just stating factz. I waz going through Taz Arnold'z mission statement on youtube and came across the two bottom linez. Now i've seen thiz joint millionz of timez. Nothing new. But tonight I waz looking at the linez and I came across the wild statement. "Rick Ross the false runs up a $13,000 bill with TISA, doesn't pay the envoice, then wears a bootleg MCM jacked". When I saw that, my mouth waz dropped wide open. Then again thatz nothing new becauze he waz called out by reps from Louis Vuitton for wearing unauthorized shadez on the cover of XXL. So hearing that iz nothing new. But I put that to the side. But thiz move packz a wallop. For one you have to know the TISA/Taz Arnold movement. For thoze who don't know about Taz, he'z the style beast whoze the master mind signed to Kanye West's G.o.o.d music label. He'z also one third of Sa-ra creative partners who once made beatz for Dr. Dre. he's alson advisor to kanye west and hiz clothing line Pastelle. Yez i'm drifting!!! Style wize Taz iz a force to reconed with. I'd be here all night talking about the biography of taz. But letz just say, style wize everything that'z happening in the culture now, he'z at the forfront of it. Now on to Rick Ross'z Baby blue jacket. About four monthz ago I saw him wearing thiz MCM jacket in a diss track to 50 cent called kiss the pinky ring Curley. I saw the jacket, first I said to myself, the MCM logo'z look rather thick and the color iz more of a powder blue. But then I waz like, Taz and MCM made em different. It'z also not the first time Ross haz worn MCM. He wore one in the R-kelly i'm speedin video. Then wore one in the pic above with Jay. Thoze didn't look suspect. Then in the kiss the ring curley joint, he also had a Mocha colored MCM wallet, which didn't look crazy neither. But befor all thiz clothing controversy started, the first person to call him out waz hiz baby mother. Ranting about hiz jewelry being fake and hiz maybach, phantom, and hiz home waz rented. It'z hard watchinh thiz cauze i'm a huge Rick Ross fan. But beleave it or not their iz justification for Rock Ross's Bootlegged frenzy. All I have to say iz DAPPER DAN!!! Nobody said anything when Dapper Dan crafted custum made bootlegged outfitz for all of the rapperz in the 80'z. Rakim and Eric B were photographed wearing BDapper Dan Bootlegged Gucci SweatSuits on their album cover. So whatz so different about Rick Ross doing it!!!??? Taz will alwayz be a style Icon but letz be real. If he would have never worn a bootlegged MCM jacket on hiz own album cover, MCM would have never signed him to design for their company!!!! Now, all that about running up a $13,000 bill!!!! PEOPLE NEED TO PAY THEIR BILLZ!!!!!!! IF YOU OWE MONEY, PAY THE PEOPLE!!!!! It'z wild, when looking thiz up Complex did an article on their page but wazn't az in depth!!! Wow, I really don't know what to say. To be real, thiz wouldn't be a big deal if Rick Ross didn''t have thiz huge larger than life persona to live up to. The Bragging on trackz, the flaunting of Jewely,flashing sneakerz. Being thiz bigtime figure. Fabolous had thiz same issue, when he let ESPN into hiz home to check out hiz sneaker collection. Only to find that a few of hiz sneakerz were unauthorized fakez. When you build yaself up to be that bigtime individual, you open yourself up to that critiscism. Now you ask me, would I ever rock a bootleg item? Nah, becauze of the way I promote myself, i'm open to the same type of issue. Best Dressed man on the planet. $FrEsH-KiNg$ of the Gutta. People are waiting for that moment to catch me on some wild junk. And thatz localy. Your better off rocking an unknown item or brand and making it look like Million. Like how i've done with Fred Perry(catz ain't really up on FP in the hood). MAN, I STILL DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY!!! GOSH MAN!!!!

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