Monday, August 31, 2009

The key peice

When we look at buying clothez we're under the assumption that were suppozed to wear it once then hurl it back into the closetz never to be worn again. I mean the celebretiez we idolize do it that way. How many timez haz have you seen dresses and outfitz at Award showz, red carpetz, store openingz, and what have you, saying to yourself that iz a mean outfit but you'll never see that outfit again. But, to be real the true test of a person of style, iz how they utilize key peicez in your wardrobe to create new outfitz. Personally I don't beleave in that rock an outfit once concept. I beleave in landscaping an outfit with different itemz to create different lookz. Thiz stemz from having a personal attachment to certain outfitz!!! Specially with different suitz. I have pleanty of suitz, but I have suitz that I like better than otherz. However I sculped them with other itemz to create workz of art. Now you may be saying, Milt-Fresh, what do you know?!!!! Well many celebz have takin on thiz same idea and are running with it. Beleave it or not Kanye haz done it, then therez new age style Icon Taz Arnold whoze leading the pack. but today we're going to look at how Pharrell Williams pulls thiz off. Pharrell iz everybodiez favorite style star and the person whoze style iz alwayz copied!!! However, pharrell iz known for wearing certain peicez more than once. Like when he waz into the whole yellow and white N.E.R.D trucker hat dayz in 2000-01. He had a black suede Gucci Sherling jacket that he waz known for wearing right along with a black and red puma track jacket. In thiz phaze, we look at Pharrell with thiz tan blazer with cream pipping on the lapel. We see the same jacket with three different lookz. One with him performing on stage with a polo. Another with a driving cap a polo, and riding bootz. Another with a plaid button down and a wide brim hat. And the other with a striped polo and wallabee clarkz. All of them are great lookz, but it showz you the possibiliez you have when looking at uzing one item. What people are afraid of iz what people will think about them. The majority of people feel itz kind of wack to do it becauze it showz you don't have the money to just buy new peicez. But letz be real, in thiz day and age average people don't have money to throw away. You buy a $400 blazer or jacket you want to get wear out of it. The key iz in how you style the outfit to look brand new. Let your imagination roam free!!!! The thing iz people are lazy to uze their imagination, so they would rather just go out and buy totally new outfitz. However true show of style iz being able to mix old with the new. take a black three peice suit for example. Endless possibilies and a great investment. You can wear the whole suit. You can wear the pantz and jacket. The vest and pantz. The vest and jacket with jeanz or a different pair pantz. Itz how far you want to go that particular day. However you must accessorize. Shoez and dress shirtz and ect play a great part in the landscape of an outfit. If you have a very embeleshed choice in footwear like Skateboard P'z riding bootz, they tend to devert attention away from the jacket. You'll probably know thatz the same jacket but you'll say thoze bootz are something elze!!!! And even with the head gear. The dring cap bringz a laid back cool. But the wide brim hat bringz out an old school masculinity on a young man which devertz attention from the jacket! But it'z all in the presentation!! If you wear the same outfit with the jacket it will alwayz be the same outfit with that jacket. But if you find new wayz to revive it, it becomez something different.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Omg i love pharell he is fine and i love his riding boots. i just said to myself theother day i was getting me some and i still am. i must say pharell is a fashion icon(next to my babe and imentitled to my own opinion lol) he has a style all his own so 2 big thumbs up to him mr. ice cream man himself.