Saturday, August 22, 2009

How you steppin???!!!

Couple Jointz on my wishlist!!!! Fiesso alwayz comez hard with the craziest shoe desighnz. They rival Zota kneck and kneck. But I think Fiesso got em with the designz.Not to say that Zota Shoe company doezn't bring it. Plenty of Zota'z in the collection to prove that. However Fiesso iz more consistent. At tize their designz mirror eachother. I can be in a particular shoe store, and see a pair of Zota'z and i'm like dang thoze are sick. Turn around, and see the same design of Fiesso'z page, however they're alterd a bit. Maybe same manufacturerz. Any way, i'm feelin Cowboy bootz a lil. Not the real high jointz to the knee, but the onez in the pic. I might have to check into thoze. They bring back memoriez of when I uzed to wear Durango Bootz in high school. LOL! I might got to get some Durangoz for GP.

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