Monday, August 3, 2009

Express Sweater Vestz are the best!!!!

Az far az sweaters and Sweater Vestz go, I have a very huge collection of them. I pick up different onez I like here and there, but therez only one brand that to me knowz how create peicez that are very standout. And that'z Express. I started buying them back in December of 2007 and had been in with them eversince. I'm even in love with the wide design Argyle Sweater(and I personally hate Argyle,It haz to be an out of thiz world Sweater for me to really like argyle). The other thing the company brought to the game waz hoodz on the back of their sweaterz. Now i'm not a hood type of guy at all. Only time i'll wear it iz if I have a kangol cap, pantz or denim slackz and the scene iz outside, middle of october november. but for thr idea iz definetly innovative. The company knowz how to give a fashionable edge to their garmentz, unlike their compition. Trust me, when september hitz, I will be wracking up.

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