Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Shot heard Round the world!!

For the record I never had been a fan of LL Cool J'z style. Ok, wait i'm being critical. I dug hiz style in in the early 90'z all the way to 99. Definetly had the whole hood rollin one pantz leg up. LOL! Catz still do it. But I definetly have tunz of respect for him pulling a bold move az to wear a Fubu hat in a Gap Commercial and also mentioning the company in hiz lyricz durning the segment. I'll never forget it, I waz in the 7th grade. He had on the fubu cap with I think the Jordan Jumpman kickz. I remember he ripped a freestyle and said For Us By Us. While it waz happening, you actually thought it waz a Fubu Commercial until the end, When you saw the Gap Symbol then he said fall into the Gap. People really don't understand the power in that move he made. On one hand he waz helping an up and coming Black owned Clothing line come up in the world. Letz be real LL had been the face of Fubu befor the company officially launched. It waz alleged that the Fubu Co-founderz saw LL in an Airport, asked him to take a picture in their clothing on the spot, and the rest waz history. I think that waz in 95 and 96. I mean they've been doing that for yearz. I remember in Raekwon'z Icecream video Method Man had a Fubu Cap on. But LL helped prepel the company to be a billion dollar entity. And turning the Gap ad into an unofficial Fubu commercial waz straight genius. I mean letz think of it like thiz. For yearz white designerz have alwayz tapped into Hip-Hop culture. Everybody creditz Ralph Lauren with being a genius but he knew what the black youth wanted. So did Tommy Hilfiger, nautica, perry ellis, and ect. They knew black kidz of that time were into bright colorz and big logoz!!! They knew what sold. Thoze companiez knew who to get to endorse their clothing, everytime. Tommy Hilfiger went and Got Aaliya to give hiz clothez the seductive tomboy edge, with her sagging oversized jeanz and Tommy Hilfiger Boxer Shortz. Then Ralph Lauren decided not to get a black celeb. No he got an on the rize black male Model named Tyson Beckford!!! So the idea of capitilizing off of African Americanz and Hip Hop Culture waz nothing new. However, they didn't think that blackz were smart enough to Capitalize off of white america. Think of what the Gap iz and waz to pop culture. Yeah a lot of Black People wear Gap. But when you think of Gap, you think of College studentz and White kidz. I mean thiz iz Pre American Eagle and Abercrombie & Fitch. The Gap waz suppozed to be "classic american clothing". So LL doing thiz waz a straight Jack Move and definetly took ballz. For one, he could have been sued big time. But instead, they just pulled the add. But it waz too late, the damage had already been done. Then they did an add with Missy Elliot to save face!!! Thiz iz what needzz to go down in history bookz. That waz a well thought out and strategic move. But like I said, itz deeper than clothing!!!

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