Friday, August 28, 2009

For the Love of the FuZz: Ronald Isley

Now az a kid growing up I had the priledge of having old school parentz who were and still are proud to be old school. You can look through my motherz record collection, yez I said record collection, and find many of the great artistz from yester year. George clinton, last poetz, Frankie beverly, harold melvin, a tun of jamez brown(Jamez brown iz the man in tat houze!!!), but what you'll find are Isley Brotherz classicz. In the 70'z the Isleyz we're a great group. But to see that Ronald Isley waz able to appeal to the massez in the 90'z and 00'z, blew my mind. All becauze of hiz sharp and smooth Aler-ego Mr. Bigg that waz created for the seriez of R-kelly hitz from 95-on. And everywhere Ronald Isley went or performed he waz alwayz dressed to the ninez, representing what a smooth player waz. I mean itz the same thing that Charlie Wilson iz trying to do now, only with Jeanz, a blazer and a straw hat. But nobody touchez Ronald Isley. But what I liked about him waz he waz never afraid to wear bright colored long Zoot suiz. Redz, lime greenz, and yellow. But he did it with a smmoth touch. I can still picture him tellin Shante Moore to Shut up with R-Kelly in the Room on Contagious!!! LOL! To Funny. My man iz spazzin with a suit and a fur coat. How player iz that????!!!!! Did I mention homey'z cane with the kitana blade in it???!!!! I must say Ron Isley haz inspired my look to some degree. I mean who didn't want to be Mr. Bigg around 95? Most young men dream of being that cool when they age!! He had R-kelly bloody and beaten out in the middle of the desert!!!! How real waz that?? He didn't even break a sweat while doing it!!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Babe i must say this is way over due. i love this mans style. i thought he'd be among the first you'd do for this segment of ya blog. Now about ya moms collection sounds like she got a great one i need to come listen to some of them lol. but great segment babe a great read cause this brother be sharp lol.