Thursday, August 6, 2009

Send in the men in black!!!

The Stacy Adams Madison no matter what the color, have alwayz been the shoe for a real man'z man. Takin from the classic cap toe, they've stood the test of time and millionz of shoe trendz. But nothing can be more slek and poerfu; az the Madison. On the Milt-Fresh Experience I show a lot from Stacy Adams. Specially from the classic collection. Enough with the Run Around, I present the all black Madison Bootz. Simple, yet powerful and Masculin. No wild heelz, and no crazy designz. Although, crazy heelz and designz are my thing!!! LOL! Deffinetly when wearing theze, black suit would be perfect. However, for thoze jeanz and blazer typez, theze are the shoez for you. A perfect boot that would accentuate the power of any wash of jean.

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