Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Just came from seeing the G.I. Joe movie earlier. A lot of people hated on the flick, but in my opinion it waz live, I felt it. Action packed. Kept me on the edge of my seat. My favorite character in the whole movie waz freakin STORM SHADOW!!!! Dude'z wardrobe waz fresh during the whole movie!!!! White everything!!!! White three peice suit, white shoez, white ninja outfit, white kickz, white mask, white sword casez!!!!! And my man Storm Shadow waz straight cold blooded and ruthlezz in the flick!!! My man waz a murderer since he waz kid!!! Him and snake eyez stayed going at it!!!! I didn't like how they made snake eyez costume. He looked better in the cartoon in my opinion. But watchin Storm Shadow gave me an idea with the FuZz game. Can't talk about it, in the diliberating stagez. But on the real, all white everything. I dig Jay and all but ALL BLACK FOUR YEARZ STRAIGHT!!!!! Man, what a drab future that iz!!!! I feel the statement but I just can't roll like that. But all white four yearz straight izn't a bad concept!!!!!

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