Friday, August 21, 2009


Wordz can not express how i feel about Anna Piaggi. She'z more than a fashion Icon. The word icon haz been thrown around so loosly by theze suckaz itz not even funny!!! But with her she'z more of poetry in motion. well first oof Anna haz been the fashion Editor at Italian vougue since the 80'z. then haz gone on to be editer of many other fashion publicationz in her time. However, she'z most known for her attention grabbing outfitz that have left many on lookerz stunned, dazed and amazed. When it comez to getting dressed, she'z not afraid to step out and be extravagent and dramatic. she defiez the lawz of color, shape, shade and yet iz still able to pull it off with such elegance. it waz documented that she had over 200 pairz of shoez and over 300 dressez. Many peicez of her colleection were in an Exhibit in French Museumz. Now I know, people who are simple minded, will sit there and hate, becauze she'z wearing too many colorz. OH SHE LOOKZ LIKE A CLOWN!!!!! Oh she doezn't match (I CAN HEAR THOZE BIRD HEAD GHETTO CHICKZ ON THE AVE SAYING THAT NOW!!!!)!!! But therez a science to thiz look. Itz called organized confuzion. The average female couldn't pull thiz look off!!!! For one everybody iz afraid of what the next sucka iz going to say about them!!! But to step out and have the ballz to be different and cutting edge meanz more. See everybody strivez to be ahead of the curve. They want to experience the rush. So they get a full head of steam and run right to the edge of the cliff. But they never jump off!!!!! Becauze your scared of lozing your life. Which iz understanable. But there are individualz who are so freakin ballzy, until they don't mind jumping off the cliff and plumiting to their doom. Thiz iz metaphoricly speaking so i'm not talking about suicide!!!!! LOL! Your dealing with people who have been talked about all there livez!!!! You spittin slander in a magazine article or havin somethin nasy to say on the street, iz nothin new. Just showz your hate, ignorance, envy, and jealousy. But thiz woman commandz soooooo much respect in the fashion world itz not even funny. bThiz woman sitz front row of the most exclusive fashion showz all over the world. Thiz woman would turn Soho on itz head!!!! And we know all typez of freakz get down out there!!!! But thiz woman inspirez me a great deal when style iz concerned.She'z a walking peice of art. And thiz world iz her canvas.

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