Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Simplicity of the Madisonz!!!!

Az the Stacy Adamz company keepz altering their old designz with new colorz and sleeker shapez one thing iz becoming aparent, they're trying to make their classic shoez more relevent to todayz market. Men'z shoezare more tricky, right now pointed toez are like the square toez of 02-03, soon or later they'll die out. While the pointed toe trend iz all the rage, everybody doezn't feel comfortable wearing them. Eveybody'z not up to wearing wild designz neither. So what iz their for the person who just wantz a sleek shoe? Well go for the old school madisonz!!! But that person doezn't want to go all the way retro with the classicz. So, with thiz shoe the company still keepz the classic round toe, just addz a more sleeker design to it. Would I wear it? Maybe. Itz too tamed for me. However, It would be good to have in the collection, to show the growth of the classic stacy adamz shoez. I mean they wouldn't be my first choice in the store. Colorz excite me!!!!! I'm such a negro!!!

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