Monday, August 17, 2009


Az a Dress shoe enthusiest, I know there are timez where hard bottomz aren't called for. Let me lay it out on the table, I refuse to rock kickz. Suitz and sneakerz in 03-04 iz where it stopped for me. Wally'z are my all time favorite non dress shoe, but they don't work well with everything. Driviing shoez are good, but the color onez are the best. Now we scream, how about a boot!!!!! Well we'll try thoze!!! I'M DEFINETLY NOT GOING THE TIMBERLAND ROUT, WITH THE STANDARD WHEAT CARPENTER JOINTZ. To be honest Timberland designz have upset me so much until i'm not feelin anything with the tree on the side!! So what would work? Theze Levi'z Balou will definetly do the trick for thoze once in a blue moon casual momentz!! Now yez in some casez they're reminiscent of the old timberland desinz that were put out in 03. However, what Levi'z company haz done to revamp thiz particular shoe iz a solid effort. I definetly need theze at the Trail of terror in october around holloween. Swater vest, dress shirt and denim slackz statis. Now God father or wide brimz, throw the kangol game on for that.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Ya trail of terror boots huh lol i like these shoot i'd wear these myself.