Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ready for war!!!

Itz real, I hear it, see it, and smell it. The whisperz, the slick talk. The Rolling of eyez when I pass through!!! See yall would call me conceited if I said I waz the center of attention. But through your conversation you build me up az such!!!! I live the American Dream, and ya'll just fantasize about attaining it!! Many yearz you've seen guyz who were the Moverz and shakerz of the metropolitan citiez come in with their suitz and tiez on!! Making lawz for the inner city, raizing the cost of living, and representing power in high placez! But we fear a young black male whoze decided to raize the bar and become a mover and shaker in hiz own right! God haz given me a vizion, so I have to live thiz life. I don't make no apologiez for thiz style of mine!!!! If itz too much for you to take in at one time then cloze your eyez. Right now i'm at war. The world wantz me captured, enslaved into their thought process. Sack Label shirtz and Dead Party jeanz don't cut it in my world. You are all brain washed Zombiez to me. Caught up in stylez that weren't made for you in the first place!! But understand, since i've come into my own i've been at war with conformity!! A war that iz faught every single day when I walk out the door!! The moment my feet hit the concrete i'm engaging in combat!! No dayz off!! Itz me against the world!! Itz sad that in thiz life I lead, racism izn't the problem I face!!! Nah itz not a black thing!!! Itz a style thing!! I'm hated cauze of my loud and flashy appearance!! But understand thiz!! It ain't never gonna stop!

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