Sunday, August 23, 2009


Now letz face it, we live in the age where every company feelz itz cool to uze the blue printz of old and just redesign it. We've seen thiz move with the sneaker thiz past year. Now forever, company'z have done everything in their power to put a fresh Innovative spin on everybody'z favorite Non sneaker the Wallabee shoez. Clarkz are the Originatorz of the model. However, every brand under the sun haz recreated the style, Lugz, GBX, Ben Sherman, Sabego, fubu, just to name a few. Personally I waz a fan of how GBX redid them. From them doing actual wallyz, they've takin the game a step further. Lugz went and put a boot sole where the flat ruber bottom of the shoe lied. That waz a bone head design move. Recently theze are the new developmentz in the wallabee design war. The contenderz? The Originatorz, Clarks, and Stacy Adams. Now both of theze are my two favorite brandz but I must say they both really messed up a good thing. I MEAN WHY WOULD YOU????!!!! I could understand Stacy Adams becauze they never got the wally design right dating back to the SAO dayz, but how do the originatorz mess up their own designz? The clarkz jointz, better known az the cobraz are the jointz with the red color way and the black color way with the sneaker bottom. SNEAKER BOTTOM WALLYZ!!!!!???? What waz your design team thinking? Then the two with the black color way and the tan/brown suede color way are the Stacy Adams jointz. The tan/brown jointz remind me of what timberland did to the wally jointz!!!! Timberland really made a Mockery of the wallabee game!!!! And Stacy Adams doez the same to them az well. Well I think out of all of them, the brown/tan suede jointz are the only onez I could really tolerate!! The rest are a no go. YOU GUYZ HAVE TO GET THEZE DESIGNZ TOGETHER!!!! ITZ ONE THING TO MESS UP AN ORIGINAL, BUT ITZ EVEN WORST FOR THE ORIGINATORZ TO MESS UP AN ORIGINAL!!!!

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