Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Reaction!!!!

In high School I waz a huge fan of Kenneth Cole. It freaked me out that he never reached that Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger success, becauze he made great peicez. However, becauze he never reached that height of the other designerz, iz what made it even flyer to have hiz itemz. Befor the huge bowling shoe crayze of 03(the era of Disel and steve madden battle), he waz making luxury sneakerz in the shape of bowling shoez. But to me me the itemz that are really stand out in hiz reaction line are hiz accessoriez. Such az hiz luggage and breifcasez. No their not dipped in logoz like Gucci or Loui(I'm still a label freak though). However, what your going to get iz great craftsmenship that expresses thiz gentleman meanz bussiness. Such az thiz italian Croc/Leather messenger bag. Definetly a tough peice to have in your grasp. Plus it will accentuate any outfit gracefully!!! Letz look at it like thiz. When I think of Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger I think of loud and bright colorz. More Greenwich CT preppy. But when you think of Kenneth Cole you think Madison Avenue. bussiness Board room with an edge. When he did flashy button down shirtz, he didn't use that many bright colorz. He used low key colorz but waz drfinetly heavy on the design, even when using paisly print. IDK, itz just my reaction.

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