Saturday, August 1, 2009

Night out with the Mrs!!!

Tonight waz a cool night, we hand't had a real good dinner outting since messin around with LEROY'Z(we refuze to say the real name of the estableshment!!!). So we decided to leave the SO CALLED FANCY DINNING EXPERIENCE ALONE TO EAT REAL FOOD!! So we just straight up went to red lobster!!! It waz cool, we got surved by Vanillia Ice!!! I kid you not rob van winkle waz our waiter!!! LOL!! Oh WAIT!!1 I'M FRAKIN AHEAD OF MYSELF!!! MY POOKIE WAZ KILLIN THEZE BIRDZ ON THE STUNT GAME!!!!! Denim ruffle skirt waz to mean on em!!! That'z my queen!!! So afterwardz we went to the Moviez to check out that ill crazy sick flick Orphan!!! Definetly a must see movie for thoze who love suspense. And for thoze who alwayz wanted to see an evil brat get slapped in the face by a foster mother one good time!!! LOL! But it waz a great night for ya boy fresh and hiz Queen Roni. Love waz definetly in the air.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

We had a great night babe, yes the food was good i must say we can go there again. i'm glad you liked my skirt. love was in the air but aint nobody wanted it with my diva homegirl with the ugg's and skirt and tights and the arab scarf she's a diva lol