Monday, August 17, 2009

Snoop at the 2005 MTV VMA'Z. Winning Best Dressed for the night

The 2005 MTV VMA'Z have to be my favorite VMA show of all time. Why that particular one? Becauze that waz the year Diddy took over everything and the award show waz going to be ran Diddy style. In true Diddy fashion he did it az such. He changed the concept of it being a Red Carpet, to a white carpet. But what also did my heart great waz he created the Best Dressed male and female category for the white carpet and the winnerz were rewarded a cash prize to the charity of their choice. I'll never forget they had Coltrane Curtis az their registerd fashion expert(that dudez style iz through the roof, however he waz soupin up everybodiez head to much). Well it waz a knock down drag out az far az style waz concerned. Everybody came to the dance ready to throw down. But for the malez, best dressed waz narrowed down between Snoop, Jay, Usher, and Kanye. The usual style heavy hitterz, at the time. The veiiwerz at home had to vote for their favorite outfit. snoop won by a huge margin. To be honest I didn't think he would have one, giving the nature of hiz outfit. I love when snoop getz dressed(I hate when he dresses down!!!!). He alwayz bringz a smooth player vibe to thingz. But I waz definetly on the fense about hiz look. The hat waz great. Definetly would hurt that hat. However, the blue bandanna print on the Lapel and the blue bandanna print Ascot had me like man come on!!!! Dip-set killed that whole bandanna thing. I knew you tryna rep ya set, ya click, or ya gang. Trust I'm from the hood, I know. But don't mix gang culture with a suit!!!!! But then I had to look at it like thiz. Outside of what the Bandanna print representz, itz a great outfit, and it fitz snoop well. He'z the only one out of the four of them that tried something bold. I mean, you knew they weren't going to pick Mase and Ice-T who both wore bright yellow. Really I would have loved to see them in the running instead of Usher and YEZ, I'M SAYING IT, KANYE(YOU MY BOY, BUT THERE WERE OTHER FITZ YOU'VE WORN AT THAT TIME THAT WOULD HAVE DESTROYED SNOOP HANDZ DOWN!!!!). Jay-z fit waz definetlt raw. Smooth power mogul chic. Sidebar, (If you ever see it on the, check out Jay-z'z interveiw he did with Coltrane on the red carpet that night, definetly funny and haz set the stage for thingz that are happening now). But anyway, snoop definetly killed the outfit. But letz be hoonest, one I thought about it, thiz waz a true representation of snoop.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Man snoop was fly, gwen stefani dress from her clothing line l.a.m.b was hott i really liked her dress for real.