Saturday, October 17, 2009

WILD NIGHT OUT!!!!!! SHOTZ OF NUVO!!!!!!! lol!!!

So itz saturday night, my pookie and I decided to go out tonight for a lil dinner at one of our favorite resterauntz, Olive Garden. Thankz to my pookie'z dream!!! LOL! The night started off kind of rough becauze they sat uz next to thiz group of loud old school women who wanted to make there presence known when we sat down. Letz just say by the end of their meal they weren't so thrilled any more! LOL! Any, after their departure the air waz clear. We had sooooo much fun. The papz were out tonight. But all in all a great evening. For some reazon I couldn't stop saying "taking shotz of Nuvo"!!! I mean i'm not a drinker, but whatz the deal with thizz nuvo mess!!! Walkin round with some mess that lookz like an expensive lava lamp!!!!! LOL! What type of drunk mess iz that???!!!! Any way we had fun!!!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Lol them chick didn't like you when they left, Oh well they should have been actin their age not their shoe size lol. But all in all we had a greatnight until they sat ya admirer at the table in front of ours lol that was too funny. But like i said she can look all she want let her mouth water to something she can't have as long as she don't over step her boundries. She i'm a lady first ok but as you said don't let it fool you because i don't take kindly to bein disrespected. So ladies you can stare all you want, But aint gonna be no eye winks, air kisses, or wispering anything while i'm sitting there cause i don't play that. Wow i just went off lol bt anyways i enjoyed my night with you babe.