Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Everytime I watch TCM(turner classic moviez) I love to see thoze classic filmz with gentleman dressed to the ninez, and topped off with a top hat. When we look at the top hat in relivence of today, we look at it az more of a costume peice. But between the 1700'z to the early 1930'z the top hat waz made for the most distinguised of gentlemen. For many yearz Aristocratz and many wall street holderz wore them. They commanded respect amongst the rich and powerful. When you look at the different advertizement characterz of pop culture we will see how the top hat iz uzed. Looking at Mr. Minopoloy, he'z dressed az a multi-million dollar aristocrat out of the 1930'z. With my obsession with the 1920'z and 30'z I would deffinetly wear a top hat. However, I'm not feeling how they've defiled the meaning of what the hat stood for. With the resurfacing of flava flav(who wearz some ill junk but some how findz a way to mess up the flow everytime.) and T-pain walking around with theze huge jointz are making them more out of a mockery. When I get the right one I plan show theze suckaz how they should be worn. With respect and class.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Well babe i enjoyed readin this. Yes maybe i can't see it right now but i'm sure when/if you rock one it'll look way better than t-pain i hate the way he wears them. Maybe thats why i said i couldn't see you wearin one but i thought about it and realized you definately wouldn't wear it like him.