Friday, October 30, 2009

Just one thing, ur no good for me!!!!! AMERIE IZ THE STYLE BEAST U SHOULD WATCH FOR!!!!

Yes thiz iz the year of the fashion foward female. It seemz everybody iz trying to marketed az the new faashionesta. That gurl whoze on the verge of what IT iz. Letz really sit down and have a talk about thiz subject!!! A few yearz ago when it came to the majority of female singerz, all u had to do waz show a little skin and you were great. However, the industry iz realizing the KFC method iz kind of playing out. Thighz, Legz, and Breastz are playing out(well maybe not breastz!!! LOL!). Itz more than just the skimpy outfitz. I love how Beyonce paradez around half naked teazing every man in America, showing uz what we can't have. it'z arouzing, not stylish, big difference. I praize her for being real and not deviating from what she knowz. But, Rhianna iz the female who changed the style game and turned the majority of femalez into short hair stilleto wearin, style daring chickz(I tilt my porkpie to her marketing and design team). Which iz cool but the majority of chickz who had long hair are not choppin it off and frying it. What i'm saying through thiz long drawn out intro iz there haz to be a Female artist who can stick to her long haired Diva rootz and still prove to be a style Beast. Hence forth in my eyez, Amerie haz to be the female who iz proving that she can hold her head up amongst the elelte group of stylish songstressez!!! The issue iz she'z slept on a lot. But her music video "only one" proved to me that she haz what it takez. Her being on Def Jam(home of Rhianna, need I say more) iz a plus becauze it seemz they're willing to push for her being a dominant presence on the scene. However, the Question iz will the public receive it? Even though I poze the question, I don't really care!!! The general public really doezn't know what they want anyway!!!! But putting her up against the competition out now in the form of Keri Hilson, who sells off of great songz and sex appeal. Hilson sexy indeed, but Amerie haz raw style that haz to be embraced!!!! But if she never ever makez it like that, She'z the flyest to me. Allz fair in Love and war

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Agreed She be Fierce lol I Like Her Alot