Saturday, October 17, 2009

ALL EYEZ ON ME!!!!!!!!!

I decided to do a seperate post with one of the picz my pookie took tonight of me tonight in the olive garden. When I tell people about our outtingz and what we go through, people don't beleave it. I mean we receive dirty lookz, ice grillz, the jealouze snickerz, and the many starez to catch the eye az an advance from the opposite sex. To me the catching of the eye from femalez when out iz wild. I mean be real i'm with my gurl, doezn't that bother you any???!!! I mean pookie'z nice but don't let that smile fool u, She will rag and drag u!!!! LOL! Any way, in thiz pic watching uz from the side linez!! Befor Pookie took thiz pic thiz same chick burnt a hole in my face lookin and smiling. What topz thiz trifling mess off iz her man walkz up to the table in the midst of her watching!!! Man theze chickz iz wild scandlouz out here!!!! To all the single men, PLEAZE FIND THE RIGHT ONE!! And keep her away from me!!! LOL!

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

You know what this was too funny because she really posin like she bout to be on the cover of a magazine. I snapped this picture purposely i caould have easily moved the camera over and got just you but i decided to let you see what she was doin now she's been exposed as papparazi with no camera lol that night in itself was weird lol