Saturday, October 3, 2009


I KNOW I KNOW, YALL SAYIN, MILT-FRESH, YOU GOT SNEAKERZ ON THE BLOG?????!!!! LOL! I'm not making thiz a habit, but today I took a trip to a certain menswear store around town and noticed a pair of kickz in the window. Thiz particular store iz a mens dress store. Suitz, dress shirtz, tiez, dress hatz, thingz of that nature. So when you see sneakerz in the window,that sort of takez me by surprize. So i took a look at the red and grey jointz. Kinda ill, reminded me of the Supra'z. That whole skateboard/hipster/fashion trendy vibe. So I looked at the brand and saw that they were, from Impulse. Which explainz why the store carriez them. Impulse (part of the old steeplegate company) iz known for turning out some of the best dress shoez, next to giorgio brutini and stacy adams. And just like they're compitition they're trying to appeal to a younger core of consumerz. I noticed they're brand had been leaning towardz that angle a yearz ago. Making more sneaker of a sneaker type footwear, and deviating from the more dressy modelz. I must say thiz time around i'm feeling what they're bringing to the table. Now you may be saying to yourselvez, "Milt-Fresh would you wear them?" LOL! that answer iz tough for me. I dig the stylez however, I have the biggest issuez with wearing sneakerz. I've tried my hardest but I just can't get into any of them. I have a pair of gold leather and brown suede public royalty kickz that have never been worn. I've tried dressing them up, I wazn't feelin em. Man I've even tried traveling in the car down south with them and still had to change into my wallabeez!!!! LOL! So I guess my answer iz no.I think i'm just to a point where i'm past sneakerz. i dig the sneaker head thing or the dudez that just rock their core five favoritez. I just can't bring myself to wearing them. In my head i'm alwayz striving for innovation. Style thatz moving and forever blossoming. Bright colored sneakerz are nothing new. Well maybe in what they're paied with. But dressed down(my version) or dressed up, I still want to convey an air of I can go anywhere in theze. And certain shoez allow me to do that. however Imulse iz a very respected shoe brand, and I like what they're doing with they're sneakerz. Even if they're capitalizing off of today'z sneaker culture to help with their fan base.

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