Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My third eye seen it comin, befor it happened!!!!!

It'z crazy, I think the reazon why weirdoz were placed on thiz earth becauze life would be really booring without em!!! Like I don't know why some dudez are still on thiz whole battlin with catz and statis bit. A lot of catz come around me with they junk and i'm sittin here shakin my head on the inside like ya'll really don't have a clue!!!!! All that battling stuff played out in high school and a little of college. With clothez now itz about expressin onez self!! My I say thiz with every personal post I do, i'm in the process of attaining peace and being happy!! Thatz why i've off the scene now for three yearz. Becauze it'z the nightlife iz make beleave. Stunt for for that one night or one event then the next day we're back to sweatpantz and t-shirt. And if thatz how you want too be, I understand. But make sure when you're doing it becauze thiz iz whatz on your heart to do. Not becauze people are gasing you to do it, or you're trying to compete with the next sucka!! Man you don't even know whatz motivating the next man or woman!! Whatz motivating me iz life and what God haz instore for me and my family. nuff said. God bless everyone.

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