Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stacy Adams Fall 09 campaign!!!!!

I refuze to buy or wear traditional off the wrack. I made that vow back five yearz ago!! But I love to see stacy Adam'z seazonal campaign becauze they alwayz find a way to pull out the stopz. Like in 06-07 summerz when they uzed dark skinned modelz to sell their bright colored suitz. Showing the African American community u don't have to be a particular skin complection to wear bright colored outfitz. But az a whole, stacy adamz ad'z convey an air of dapperness the Urban man of color. Don't get me wrong, bespoke on uz iz cool (depending on the body type, muscle men and thick brotha'z should not bespokin for, sartorial j/k of truth). Gucci, etro,and tom ford haz what it takez to go negro flashy with their plaidz, but still carry the savile row fit. And Louis Vuitton, d&g, and all the luxury brandz are more so name brandz that convey prestege. But nothing Representz the African American culture like a stacy adamz suit. Yez they've just picked up in the suit game maybe the last 10 yearz, but they've looked to a need and style that waz told to stay in the dust with your great grandfather'z zoot suit. They've found wayz to reserect a man'z color suit, and they say itz cool. Giving a man a sleek and cool image. Or should I say the man lending edge and personality to a great suit.

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