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When looking at the style/fashion world, itz entertaining to watch the lengthz people go to see the effect it haz on the massez and the world in which we dwell. To know how one trend such az a look, item, or style can generate millonz of dollarz. Then therez the mindset of the shopper. No matter what look ur going for, therez one main concept everyone haz in common. Everyone iz trying look their best. People want to communicate they're hip, cool, sheek, fly innovative or on the cutting edge. Everybody haz their own interpetation on what style iz and everybody wantz to be heard. For some many feel that the great A American Abercrombie and Fitch look iz the best. Many just want that by the beach feel, so they dawn the Hollister shirtz. Otherz love the College boy cool, so they hit the Gap. Then there are thoze who feel they're on another level. Thoze who value their self worth in designer labelz. Thoze who feel if it ain't coverd in Fendi F'z, or the Louiz vuitton LV'z or Checkerboard plaid it ain't worth it. Then therez the minimalist theory that statez less iz more. You can have Gucci suit, but it doezn't need to be plasterd with Gucci G'z all over it. Besidez the individualz that are placing value on what style iz, then u have Magazinez that are slowly but surely trying to shape and mold the world into what they feel style/fashion should be. Trust me, it'z not just women'z fashion magazinez that are conveying an underlined message. Esquire magazine haz a best dressed real male in America contest every year. They pick five contestantz out of thousandz of online entriez to pick a number one winner. However, for the past few yearz, many of the same type of contestantz win the contest. Men who are dressed in Bespoke tailored suitz with bright colored spriped sockz and dress shoez with a monk strap. Not knocking the look, becauze the look haz it'z on place. But becauze of thiz one contest, itz forced many young men to become clonez of what already exhistz. It makez them feel that in order to be Best dressed they have to look like that. If the look iz naturally u, then fine. But if ur playing a role to win itz not a go. What I'm saying itz like Christianity, u have many different beleifz and doctrinez. You have Baptist, free will baptist, southern baptist, penticostal, evangelicalz, church of god and christ. All different denominationz under christianity, but they all have the belief in jesus christ. Same thing with style. All different stylez and wayz of dressing, but still trying to communicate a type of cool. And everybody iz looking at eachother like the other iz wrong. Visciously denouncing eachother behind their backz, in the public and in the media. And yes maybe us style bloggerz are to blame with all the knit picking and bashing we do. All in the name of self expression. Freedom of speech. Freedon of the press. We take our rightz a little too far. To be honest we misuze a lot of our rightz just because we have them at our grasp. And we sit behind a computer screen, go round town and take picturez of ourselvez. Postin picturez of thingz we buy and thingz we think are cool. We say it'z about being onez self, but in actuality it'z not. Everybody haz their opinion of what style iz and everybody iz cramming their opinionz down eachotherz throat. And letz not even talk about hip-hop sending subliminal messagez about style through the power of lyricz. I mean itz nothing new the impact that high fashion had urban neighborhoodz. The problem waz that many couldn't afford the many of the high end garmentz that flapped in the wind az a proud flag on the clothing rackz. There were few optionz for people in the hood. Go on boosting spreez in mallz, sell drugz, some how work for the money legit or sell drugz. All but one are all negative wayz of going about attaing fine fashionz and goodz. But letz be real, in many casez how many timez did we salute the good guy? If it wazn't for two groupz of shoplifting/boosting crewz from brooklyn coming together in the 80'z for their love of Ralph Lauren Polo clothing, Ralph Lauren wouldn't be popular in the ghetto'z of America let alone hip-hop. How many timez do people praize the neighborhood drug dealer for stringin out motherz, fatherz, auntz and unclez on controled substancez, but we loved to see what Fresh itemz he waz gonna hit the block with. Hip-hop iz a reflection of whatz happening in the streetz. so in every ghetto everybody iz in battle mode trying to one up thiz one or that one with the latest or what won't come out til next year. Hip-hop star that did it the best had to be Jay-z. A side from the fashionz Jay even tried to promote a sophisticated lifestyle that project dwellerz couldn't fathom. who can remember Jigga bragging in hiz Rhymez about otherz thumbing through the source, he readz the Robb Report. Many just took it az another rhyme. But back in High School I went to barnez & noble and sat down to read what the fuss waz about. The Robb Report straight up blew my mind. It talked about itemz that were unatainable to a person living in their aunt'z basement. Carz, homez, fine wine, bussiness dealz the way of life that rich white men have been living for yearz. But it showed me where Jigga'z head waz at and continuez to progress. When u look a how he went from the Bentley to to the Maybach or from Crystal to moet and Rose'. It'z all the Rob Report. So now, what happenz? Now every rapper haz to follow suit. Everybody haz been Rollz Royce Phantomed to death!!! Iz that what u really need to show ur a rap star on? Do I need a pair of LV Millionarez or Evidence to show i'm hot stuff. Yez Mr. Perscription Versace Framez iz talkin!!!! When do we really just create our own lane instead of just being carbon copy clonez of whatz already out??!! How man more stick figure femalez have to hurl befor a runway show to fit the image???!!! Tom Ford iz one of my favorite designerz, but how many more interveiwz do we have to read with him talking about testing the linez of sexuality(if ur straight try being gay, and if ur gay try being straight). Wild thing iz, many will rationalize what he said, and will try it. Thiz iz why I have a sub-title on my blog, "itz deeper than clothing". becauze the statement iz true. We want to act like appearance izn't everything. However, people prove me wrong everyday. Certain job interveiwz you have to dress for. Just to work on wallstreet u have to be dressed formally. There iz no t-shirt and jeanz day at the dow jonez or nazdaq office!! What i'm trying to say iz how u dress and what u wear categorizez and stigmatizez an individual!! When u think of a blonde U think of a white female wearing huge dior shadez, an Abercrombie t-shirt, Juicy sweatpantz and humungous Ugg bootz. More so a trendy look than stylish one. However, theze femalez feel they own the scene when they converge upon it. Thank u Paris for making thiz look popular. She doezn't even wear em anymore, but she'z populaized a look that haz lasted at least five yearz. Thatz something, most trendz don't even last half a year. I know therez a lot of Style/fashion rambling in thiz post. But I just feel more emphasis haz been put into dollarz and following trendz, indiviualz, ect. We have to start listening to what'z on the inside of how we feel. Karl Lagerfeld iz a Style Genius but seeing a picture with a Cheeseburger and friez that have the Chanel Logo on the front of the containers, with hiz quote that sayz, "Fashion iz the healthiest motivation for losing weight" it raisez red flagz. It makez me think about the pressure we all put on image. from weight loss to what we wear, to the way people put it together. It'z too much to take in at one time. There will be a part two to thiz blog entry. Becauze there are many thoughtz I have on the situation. Some that I know every person iz facing image issuez everyday but iz afraid to speak about it.

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