Sunday, October 11, 2009

FOR THE LOVE OF THE FuZz: Mr Hudson!!!!

For thoze who aren't up on Mr. Hudson or hiz band the library, he'z a UK artist signed to kanye west'z G.O.O.D Music record label. Aside from thiz gent'z music, hiz style iz one to be reconed with. He'z able to mix the dandy UK flavor with a more modern new school twist. Which iz deffinetly hard. Specially when most Americanz are more concerned with how retro they can go when it comez to getting dressed, he'z able to put the modern edge on hiz fitz. Wether itz wearing trainerz(sneakerz) or just throwing a pair of jeanz into the mix. he'z still able to convey the regal quality of a true blue blood and still rock out hard. becauze of thiz Kanye west designed a pair of what are in my opinion the sickest shoez in hiz Louis Vuitton Collection after Mr. Hudson. Which waz a smart idea, becauze the LV Hudson'z are shoez that you really should really should wear when you're to bring class to the situation. My favorite out of the bunch. I only like the white and Pink LV Jasperz(named after hiz barber Ibn Jasper) and the brown and tan LV Don'z(named after hiz road manager don c, who dresses hiz but off). Back to Mr. Hudson, right now he'z becoming a Muze for many upscale magazinez az far az style goez. So many are crawling to get thiz future style great to grace their pagez and capitslize on hiz succez az a sartorial stardom befor he becomez a houze hold name.

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