Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Keeping up with the third installment of Control your impulse, I wanted to show more shoes from the Impulse shoe brand that are coming out thiz seazon. Not deviating from thiz Spring and summerz Boat Shoe trend. Theze have a similar look too the Gbx'z. However they have more of a narrow from compared to the GBX boat shoez. Which makez it eazy to transition them az dress shoez. The brown jointz represent the loafer classic slip on dress loafer that they're trying to promote. very dashing pair of shoez if I may say so. Definetly the type that can work with a wide variety of lookz if you're not a shoe fanitic. To be real i haven't felt impulse az a whole since 05-06. Thiz seazon they really put seriouz thought into their shoe designz. I'm enjoying all of what they're delivering. Even they're sneakerz. Who knowz, you might, emphasis on might, see a pair of impulse kickz on my feet. Deffinetly will cop the brown and cream loaferz from CYI part 2.

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