Saturday, October 10, 2009

Night out with thw Mrs!!!

So last night my pookie and I went out to the Milford Post mall to go to the movie. The movie we saw for our veiwing pleasure waz that Island vacation flick Marriage Consuler or whatever itz called!! Lol!!! So befor we went to see the film, we decided to cauze some much needed havoc. We started out at my pookiez favorite book store, borderz. She'z an Urban romance novel enthusiest!!! She ownz just about every Eric Jerome Dickey book that haz been published. Soon after we headed over to my favorite section the magazinez. Everybody who knowz me, knowz that i'm big on magazinez. However az of late I haven't been inspired by them az of late. My favorite magazine Complex hazn't been putting out anything worth wild. Well in my opinion. But thatz for another post. From there we took our stroll thjrough the mall. Which waz interesting experience az we walked by young boyz swallowed up by over sized Ed Hardy hoodiez and young gurlz wearing horrible wripped pantz from a rumage sale and Yetti inspired Ugg bootz. Az uzual mall goerz giving Uz dirty lookz az we glided through the scene. We ended up in FYE where I bought Raekwon'z only built for cuban linx 2(i'm a wu-tang fan from the heart) and Omarionz last cd(hiz album waz slept on but it waz deffinetly great). From there we walked into Express where I waz insearch of the Yellow V-Kneck Lion logo sweater. Deffinetly mad they ran out of XL'z. Still having a hard time getting over that. The yellow would be the perfect addition to my collection. Finally we made it to the movie, where we enjoyed the rest of our night. POOKIE, YOU MADE ME BUY THOZE CD'Z!!! LOL! I alwayz have fun with my queen

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