Thursday, October 1, 2009


Accessoriez for men are hard to deal with. You've got the whole sun shade thing, which evverybody and their mother haz absolutly haz gone crazy with. Then therez the man bag epidemic which I take part in at timez. But, what male accessory oozez class and sophistication? No i'm not talkin about a cigar or any other cancer stickz!!! I'm talking about a cain or commonly known az a walking stick. For many young guyz when they think of a walking sticj they think of A PIMP CAIN!!!! Like Pimpz are the only onez that uze walking stickz!!! But letz all think on a mature level and put our juvenile, immature and ghetto thoughtz on the shelf. Letz get away from be aquated to an anthelete on injured reserve or looking like an 80 year old grandfather slatherd in icey hot!!! The right walking stick can add a regal flair to any outfit, no matter how casual or dressy. Through out time many of pop culturez style greatz have been known to stroll the streetz with a cain. Take 20'z and 30'z silver screen star, Fred Astaire for example. In many of hiz filmz he waz seen dressed to the ninez with a walking stick. My favorite film he did named the Easter Parade, showed him strolling the streetz with different dance sequences based around hiz walking stick. Then therez everybody'z favorite Rapper that waz born to die , Mr. Frank White B.I.G. No mater if he wore a leather coat, kangol and Googi sweater or he waz draped up in the finest italian three peice suit. He made the walking stick part of hiz big time larger than life persona. Even myself, am known to walk around town struting with one. I own three , a cream one with a pearl handle, a royal blue one with a handle and an all black joint with a silver chromed lionz head. Only one getz the most use and thatz the pearl. I love the handle and it goez with every outfit. I'm more fond of walking stickz with handlez instead of ball gripz. They allow me to carry the handle on my wrist when I have take on multiple taskz. Becauze of my younger age many people are astounded when they see me with it. Then you get thoze who are out of touch with style and are asking about my physical well being. The older folkz get a kick out of me saying i'm channeling my inner Fred Astaire. I mean no matter how dressed up I am, they wouldn't expect a 24 year old black guy to mention him. Just chalk it up to he age difference. But to carry thiz off in your younger yearz, you must be equipped with an old soul.

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