Friday, October 2, 2009


I must say it'z hard copping with a shopping addiction. When people admitt to being addicted to shopping, people take it rather lightly. But trust me, it'z no laughing matter. It takez will power telling yourself you don't need certain itemz. However, it doez make it eazy when I break down the design aspect of a garment to determain if it'z worth being mixed with the rest of my garmentz. Yez soundz rather preteniouz!!!!! Doez that bother me? lol!!! Nahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! So while out today, I purchazed thiz Sweater which happenz to be from Russell Simmonz line that haz Argyle az the theme. Trust me, Uncle Russy izn't the reazon I purchased said sweater vest. I waz diggin the coral color with the yellow argyle design on the kneck. Right now, I'm only into buying itemz that are out of thiz world, or I'm really feeling. Helpping to bring impulze buying to a hault one purchaze at a time.

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