Saturday, October 24, 2009


Me being a fan of hip-hop I love to sit down and watch hip-hop music videoz. I mean I love how a director iz able to communicate a visual concept for a song. specially when u buy the album and u think the particular song iz wack, but adding a video to it can help it to make sense. To be honest hip-hop videoz really aren't the same any more. I remember catz uzed to put more thought into videoz. I mean u had the bad boy era with videoz like "victory", "24 hourz to live". DMX'z "stop being greedy", "How itz goin down". Ghostface'z "Appolo kids" and all that I got iz you". Videoz that spoke to all the emotionz in the soul. If they were going to be ballerific, they did it with class. Like Nas'z "hate me now". One of the most sickest baller type videoz of all time. Represented living the life of Luxury to the fullest. But it didn't look cheap in the process. Today it seemz like the formula to any video iz letz get all my hood niggaz together, put on all our jewelry get some video gurlz and post up in the projectz and look tough. I mean thiz iz the day and age where people are obsessed with the neighborhood and the background of theze rapstarz. At pointz thiz concept iz nothing new to rap videoz. Wu-tang in their video'z were good for bringin out their whole hood to show a real grimey scene. You had "Cream", "can it be", and Raekwon'z "incarserated Scarfacez". However, thoze videoz were classicz. And to thiz day they're highly respected. But, az yearz go on they spawn a whole new generation of grimey street videoz with no creativity. Or look Jay'z "big pimpin" and "A papi". Same concept video gurlz on a beach or an island pouring out mad bottlez of crystal while having a Bentley in the background. Thoze two were monumental videoz to hip-hop. Now think about how many other video that are out now, that do the samething. Say what you want about Kanye, I dig hiz creativity. He tryz to push hiz videoz to the limit. He ain't afraid to pay wild amountz of money to get hiz ideaz across. He just wantz creative videoz. Now if only the rest of hip-hop could do the same!!!!