Friday, October 30, 2009

New Gem in the Stacy Adamz Contemporary shoe line!!!!

It'z been a while since I honestly loved a pair of Shoez from Stacy Adamz Contemporary collection. Dubbed the Armondz, theze are deffinetly eye catching shoez that have the versitility to transition from dressed up to dress casual. In todayz time it'z imperative that one findz itemz that can blend between both worldz. From a great brown suit to a casual cream sweater. The craftmenship iz superd. Like i've mentioned before the contemporary line haz been disappointing at timez. Mainly around the winter monthz. Summer, thatz when the brighter colorz come out. But az everybody knowz, I wear bright colorz all year round. But even if it'z not a bright color, I enjoy sleek design. The classic collection still iz the livest though, handz down!!! Real dress shoe loverz know what I speak of!!!!

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