Saturday, October 24, 2009

for the love of the FuZz: Musiq

Coming up in my high school dayz, Musiq soulchild waz a dude who I took a lot of style tipz from. Since he came out on the scene he'z definetly been a serious force in the R&B world. However st timez hiz dresscode iz slept on a lot. He'z set a lot of trendz back in late 2000, that a lot of dudez are doing now. Well first of he came out on the scene in the height of the Neo-soul experience. Which brought a different feel on to the black music culture. Where at the club u were uzed to seeing dudez wear all thiz urban wear like Enyce and Rocawear. At Neo soul the style waz more organic, more afrocentric, more put together. A guy might wear baggy jeanz(hey dudez weren't really ready to embrace fitted and skinny jeanz just yet), but he might pair it with a burnt orange leather jacket, a graphic t-shirt, a apple jack hat, timbs and in place of the bling on the kneck, maybe some beedz. Wow soundz like something that a dude would wear to the club now. Well that waz musiq'z style az a whole. He waz one of the frontmen of the Neo Soul Culture. You can take it back to my favorite joint "i'm not tryna pressure u"(what I call it LOL!) where he wore the T-Shirt head turban, with the tie off in the back. Everybody did that around 2000-2001. Dudez walkin around the hood, no shirt on with sagging jeanz and a turban. Man even Jay-z uze to wear em!!!! HOW POWERFUL IZ THAT!!!!???? Or look at half crazy where he cut hiz hair and went through the denim phaze, with the studed denim jacketz, driving cap, and timbz. No matter what Musiq haz alwayz tried to stay intune with the streetz. Which iz alwayz communicated through hiz footwear. Itz alwayz, great sneakerz or timberland bootz. More recently with the ever changing culture, hiz style iz more refined. Dress shirt, jeanz, tiez, and sneakerz. Leather jacketz with a dress shirt and tie with a drivng cap. Itz very smooth. I loved how they styled hiz video for "b.u.d.d.y". Everybody, even the supporting extra'z were crushing it. It really looked like a true Neo Soul party. Leather jacketz, blazerz with jeanz and sneakerz. Chickz wearin the semi eightiez look or wearin a bucket hat with a skirt and heelz. So smooth and cool. No DJ, a band playing. But to me Musiq iz a style beast that iz deffinetly underrated.

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Sexy_Virgo87 said...

Oh How I Love Musiq Soulchild, He is Such A Talented Artist And He makes Great Music. I So agree with you doin This segment on him He has Alot of style i personnally love when he wears a hot coat/jacket. Babe great job with this one i was hanging on every word u said