Sunday, October 17, 2010


Success what doez it all really mean??? To reach a certain point in your life, just to have taken from you becauze of your own destruction. The momentz you go from having the world at your grasp to living life on the buttom of someone'z shoe. I look at Scott storch, multi platnium selling producer, Multi million dollar home owner, car collector. Man had everything. Dated A list celeb'z from Lil Kim to even Paris Hilton. But fst living brought him down. Hiz drug addiction helped him loze everything. It hurtz me to watch that happen to somebody who waz on top like that. How do you let yourself go so far out in indulging into vicez until you loze everything. I mean it doezn't have to be drugz. Your vice could be women, it could be money, or just the lime light itself. Some people are just attention seekerz. But when do we say enough iz enough????

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