Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Itz funny seeing catz talk junk about the very exact thing that got them where they are today. In an interview Diddy had with England'z Tim Westwood TV, Diddy scoffed and bragged about him being the original young black power mogul. I give Diddy a lot of credit for helping to layout the blueprint to the livez of many rapperz in the industry. However, I didn't appreciate hiz linez about people jocking hiz sui game. He went on to elaborate that they don't have the italian cut, they have more of a steveharvey cut. WAIT HOLD UP PUMP THE BREAKZ!!!!! NOW COME ON!!!!! Back in the mid 90'z to 2002, diddy waz known for dressing like a chicago pimp!!!!! Bright colored Versace silk button down shirtz and long suit jacketz to thr anklez, God father hatz, wide brimz!!!! DIDDY IZ A STYLE MONSTER BUT BE REAL!!!! You finally learn what bespoke iz now you swear ya closet haz been inspired by Savile Row and Italy ya whole career!!!! To be honest Diddy'z style waz at itz best at thiz point!!!! Thiz iz the style that waz popularized by Notorious B.I.G. But leave it to a negro to get high and mighty and start lookin down their nosez at the culture they helped build!!!!Diddy talkz about the steve harvey cut, but check out Faith Evan'z video feat Puff Daddy lol!!!! To me thiz iz just more than boss talking about people jackin ya style. Thiz iz one of the biggest contridictionz in the world!!!!!! But to me thiz iz just another way the black race stayz stagnant!!!

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