Saturday, October 2, 2010


Ok letme keep it realfor ya'll I never saw an episode of Glee befor in my life!!! However, I'm def feelin the Chocolate sensation Amber Riley whoze a cast member on the show!!! Recently she'z becomea fixture on different red carpet eventz and I must say she iz gorgeouz!!! My type of girl!!! Lol! O.k. yez I know, I can't help it!!! I'm in love sexy full figured femalez!!! Itz just ill how they're able to carry themselvez when therez such a huge stigma on them in society. One thing I will say iz itz a catch 22 to see women who were once at the forefront of thiz movement loze weight. don't get me wrong you should alwayz want toloze weight for your health'z sake!! however, when you start doingit becauze of society, I take issue with it. People'z perception of beauty iz screwed up!!!! Sexy Full figured woman have a grace and elegence that at timez over shadowz even the typical model type!!!And at thiz moment Amber Riley exemplifiez that!!! Gurl haz a set of legz on her that won't wait!!!! GIVE ME STRENGTH!!!! LOL!!!

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