Wednesday, October 27, 2010

denzel washington in Armani!!!!!!!! down to the sneakerz!!!!!?????!

When you say the name Denzel Washington the normal reaction that you hear from the average female iz followed by fainting!!!! But coming from a man'z stand point I enjoy seeing Mr. Washington in dramatic rolez that allow hiz attitude to show throw hiz sartorial sense of style. Movie'z like American Gangster and Malcom X were a clear representation of how a man'z persona shinez through. Denzel'z smooth persona also trandsendz to the red carpet. Usually when struting red carpet eventz he usually takez a que from hiz Frank Lucus Portrail, with sharp yet subtle suitz. At hiz Movie premeire for hiz latest film unstoppable, he strutted in an Armani Suit and Armani Sneakerz!!! SNEAKERZ?????!!!!!!! YEZ LADIEZ AND GENTZ YOU READ IT RIGHT!!!!!! LOL!!!!! Itz wild seeing Him in a suit and sneakerz becauze thiz iz a very trendy move for denzel!!!!! He'z an individual who haz classic style. A style that'z not too over the top, but just more of a refined gentleman!!!!! I think the Armani sneaker move waz supposed to throw the massez off and freak their mindz out!!!! But he make'z it look like it'z an effortless move. The average hip catwould throw on some Rayban Sunglassez to keep it hollywood!!!!!! But not Denzel!!!! Hollywood haz to try to keep up with him!!!!! I'm glad he didn't put on the spiked out Louboutin Sneakerz like everybody in the fashion world!!!!! He kept it true to hiz rootz a man of the Armani generation!!!!

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